Sofa and modular seats for contract office furniture: the 2018 LTForm catalog

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The LTForm's contract furniture: the lifestyles that take shape

The hands of the clock flow frantically during the everyday life that, more and more, has taken on fast and dynamic rhythms. Workplaces, waiting rooms and offices have become spaces of sociality and relaxation. LTForm's contract furniture synthesizes complex and dynamic places that can take on different forms and modalities according to work and daily needs. LTForm deals with furniture and furnishing solutions that make functional spaces, responding to precise technical and aesthetic requirements. The organization, management, and control of activities are the objectives to be achieved through the creation and design of personal and operational places suitable for both work situations and moments of relaxation and comfort.

LTForm follows the change thanks to new modular seats

Smart working has combined the times of life and work, creating flexible hours and dynamic relationships, increasing both operations and pleasure and creativity. LTForm moves with change, following the elegance and beauty of comfort, creating innovative and versatile spaces. The new Contract collection by LTForm is dedicated, in fact, to a new office concept in which the working spaces are transformed into places of sociality and wellness. Comfort, design, and innovation adapt to the need for change by creating open spaces, able to host numerous meetings, or private spaces, reserved for more intimate conversations. The modular seats of LTForm aim to create spaces that are versatile and adaptable to any situation.

The LTForm new collection: a wide choice of modular seats for the contract furniture

The various shapes and sizes of LTForm products help to make the offices places more and more social and dynamic. Open spaces can turn into private areas where comfort and privacy prevail. Contract collection offers comfortable seats of various sizes adaptable to any situation:

  • Sinua: a system of modular benches with sinuous lines, of great effect and elegance. Suitable for waiting rooms and entrance areas;
  • ElleSofa: offers numerous compositional possibilities, creating reception and recreation areas;
  • Proteo: a comfortable multifunctional sofa that can become a reserved corner for private meetings;
  • Form: self-supporting walls that divide spaces with elegance and refinement. Equipped with accessories, they adapt to both the office and the study and relaxation places, public or private;
  • Cub: colorful, practical and comfortable stools, designed to be useful and beautiful. They give a touch of joy and style to any space, making it comfortable and practical;
  • Tabo: small in form but great in usefulness. Tabo tables complete the families of seats and sofas presenting different forms, modular with different colors and finishes.

The LTForm new models open a window on the new concept of elegant and dynamic office, able to adapt to any work and daily needs, satisfying the aesthetic sense thanks to an original and innovative design, putting comfort first.