LTForm changes shape: the restyling of the logo and the new payoff

Restyling logo | payoff | ltform

LTForm has decided to renew itself and implement a restyling of the company logo and its payoff.

With the design of the new brand the company communicates its vitality and commitment in a continuous evolution, which are expressed above all in the creation of the 3 new product brands: Office, Contract, Conference.

The new LTForm payoff

On the occasion of this change, it was decided to update the current payoff as well:


Sedie e poltrone per ufficio e collettività

that describes in a direct and simple way the production sector and the destination of the product, to move on to a new version that combines emotionality and concreteness:



The word 'welcome' declares the idea of service to the customer, as if the company were an entity that welcomes, which opens the door and listens to the needs of those who arrive. 'Have a seat' is a small word game that means 'settle down' and even 'take a chair' (literally).

The general feeling is therefore an emotional pay off, which speaks directly to people and represents a human company, flexible, dialoguing and operating in an international market.

LTForm and the restyling of the logo

The restyling of the logo represents a complete and complex evolution characterized by:

  • a new lettering, very clean and modern;
  • a new brand, which graphically uses the abbreviation LT, inscribed in a black circle;
  • 3 new colors to indicate the 3 brands, which in this proposal are all anticipated, even chromatically, in the brand of the parent company.

The new logo suggests an articulated reality, which includes in itself many different realities, an element that can be found on the new website.