LTForm plays with spring trend colors

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LTForm plays with spring trend colors

What will happen if at our office we are waited by a comfortable and colorful chair, ideal for expressing our vitality? Smile and good mood can be possible thanks to ergonomic and comfortable models, with selected colors and innovative materials. For the new season, LTForm has tried dyes selected by Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report that this year shows Spring 2018 colors full of energetic and vibrant shades, ready to color your working places.

Color your office days with new trend colors LTForm

LTForm carefully plays selecting chromatic trends able to make working places comfortable. In fact, using color potentiality in offices increases performances and reduces absenteeism, helping creating a vibrant and differentiated environment. An alternative medicine, that uses colors to help body and psyche finding their natural equilibrium, is color therapy, whereby electromagnetic waves coming from colors penetrate in the fabrics, restoring electric and chemical equilibrium of cellular process; the result is to improve all biological function increasing concentration and productivity in work places. That’s why LTForm gives attention to selecting several chromatic shades, respecting aesthetics and new season trends. After the warm and soft colors of winter, with its gloomy and melancholic days, there is the rebirth of light and life with a color explosion, ready to celebrate one of the most loved and flourishing season: spring.

Pantone and new trend colors spring 2018

To better represent beauty and freshness of this time, Pantone, leader company in communication and color cataloguing, has chosen unexpected and communicative colors. Since 1963, Pantone offers a guide to the main chromatic trends of the season, revolutionizing color communication. For spring 2018 it has given a view about dyes and shades that stylists, participant at Fashion Week in London and New York, will show in their new season collections. Mixing, blending and creating the unexpected are the pass code, for the wish of expressing oneself through comforting shades and nice tones. Energetic and fancy colors issue a vibrant breath of fresh air, as wanting to experimenting complex and original colors, without seasonality limits. Spring 2018 colors inspire the sense of fun and the hilarious side, thanks to the complexity and uniqueness of colors, such as impulsive and energetic Cherry Tomato, the mature Chili Oil, the strong Emperador and the classic Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk.

Pantone’s suggestion for color trend in LTForm

LTForm has chosen, for its products, to follow the color trail of Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report, giving to working places a vibrant and trend touch, to offer a comfortable and relaxing aesthetic solution:

  • Waiting sofa Proteo: with a comfortable seatback in mixed wood material, recall the shades of colors selected by Pantone, such as Sailor Blue, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk that, through their warm lightness, give a chic and relaxing look;

trend colors | spring 2018

  • Armchair Elite: also, the warm and vivid shades of Cherry Tomato, that give energy and vitality in the environment, and the intensity of Chili Oil and Emperador paint, with strength and personality, the elegant waiting seat Elite, stuffed with expanded polyurethane and with steel tubular frame with mixed section.

ltform | trend colors | elite

LTForm thinks of everything, from comfort to aesthetics, winning the affection of workers and clients, so that when the waiting or the working day is over, they will not want to get up from their seats!