Use conditions of the website

1. General disposition

  • For this dispositions, as “User” is the subject the use the services offered by the website, both just for consulting information and for the use of the reserved areas.
  • The use of the website is settled by these use conditions, and their acceptance is an agreement between the User and the Owner and it is given just by surfing the web pages.
  • Other rules and conditions can be arranged by the Owner for each service offered in the website: the User will have to adapt to them to use that goods and services.
  • The applicable law for the connections from the use of the service is the Italian one, and in light of it this use conditions have to be interpreted.
  • The “Service Owner” is univocally LTForm s.r.l., in the Zona Industriale in Montorio al Vomano (TE)
  • The Owner can modify in every moment these use conditions, letting the User know by posting it on the website. The access after the modification implicates the complete acceptance from the User of the new use conditions.
  • In the text there are computer terms, commonly known and with an univocal meaning, and, if the contrary is not declared, they are considered known and understood by whom are using the website and the services it offers.

2. User’s requirements and obligations

  • The User will not access the reserved area if he is not the legitimate owner of the access credentials.

3. Other User’s obligations

  • The User will use this website and its services in the constant respect for the law, for the public order and for morality (included the usual rules of the Netiquette), and for what it is written in these use conditions.
  • If the User accesses in its reserved area to integrate or modify his/her personal data, he/she has to give real and necessary information for using the services by LTForm s.r.l.
  • After activated the account, the User has to use it, also with his/her user Id and password, legitimately, also knowing the legal consequences connected to that kind of use.
  • The User has to carefully keep safe his/her user Id and password, and, if he/she lose it or they are stolen, he/she has to communicate it immediately, asking for its cancellation.
  • The User has to communicate promptly to the Owner the happened loss or theft of his/her user Id and password: without that notice, all the acts and the productive facts made through the User’s account will be indisputably attributed to him/her.
  • LTForm s.r.l. will not account for illegal consultation of personal data in the reserved area by unauthorized third party that knows the User’s authentication credentials because of his/her negligence.
  • The User will not disturb in no way the use of the service from other Users.
  • The User can not copy or take in any way the website contents, in every part, for non-personal use or for commercial use, following the law of copyrights and/or industrial right.
  • If the User wants to post LTForm s.r.l. contents on a Social Network through his/her account, he/she is responsible for that.

4. Obligations, guarantees and responsibility exoneration by the Owner

  • The Owner will give the User the online usability of the website and the offered services, as well as the linked communication tools, taking care of its implementation, compatibly with the actual development of the computer devices.
  • As established in the last point, the Owner, considering that some web pages are on other people’s web spaces and they are managed by them, is not responsible for any service interruption and/or suspension and/or usability restriction , for its own technical problems or third party’s because of causes or circumstances not under its control. In case of malfunctioning of parts of the website, the User can inform LTForm about it.
  • The Owner can use communication tools and/or alternative/accessory posts to let the services usable for the Users, also using, exemplifying and not thorough, linking or mirroring techniques.
  • The Owner is not responsible for possible usage of this website or the services in it in law, morality or public order violation, as it differs from this use conditions.
  • The Owner doesn’t guarantees the information update in the website.
  • The Owner doesn’t have any control on links to other websites and their content that are on its web pages. If a link refers to a website that offers other services through the Owner, their use will be ruled by the supplier of the services.
  • The Owner is not responsible for possible damages and/or loss and/or malfunctions and/or prejudices that can come from the User’s electronic computer using its services, neither for possible computer contaminations by the access, the interconnection, the dowload from the website; the concerning costs of restoration/reactivation are on the User.

5. Intellectual property

  • This webite is protected by the Italian copyright
  • It is strictly forbidden for the User to copy or take in any way, post, publicize, transmit or make available, even partially and/or after changes, what is posted on the website, except for when it is explicitly allowed on the website, as for example the sharing of contents on Social Networks.

6. Final dispositions

  • The Owner has the unilateral right to change, suspend or interrupt the website and the services offered in it, as well as to change, suspend or interrupt the account and each User’s communication tools connected to it.
  • The Owner can also follow up business and advertising initiatives, even with fee, through the website with any third party’s brand and/or logo, including advertising banners and other ads to promoting and marketing, direct and/or indirect, of any goods, products or services.

7. Jurisdiction

  • The use of the services given by the Owner through the website is not authorized in jurisdictions that don’t discern the validity of all the dispositions in this use